Signature Series Yagis


It has been 25 years since I began Force 12, Inc. and developed new  designs such as the trapless tri-banders that changed the world of antennas.  The original was the C-3 and it was later enhanced with the addition of a reflector for 10 meters, making the C-3E, and the short boom C-3S.  To mark the anniversary we have the new Signature Series which is the Next Generation of the original C line.   The photo above is the SS-3S on one of our square aluminum towers in Kingman, AZ.  The SS-3S is the new version of the original 11' boom C3-S trapless tri-bander.

Improvements include a superior feed system utilizing both closed and open feed styles.  The SS uses parallel drive between 10 and 20, then open sleeve to 15 from 20.  The feed point is 10 and the old second 10 driver has been reset to a second 10-meter director for added gain and higher F/B.  The spacings and tuning have also been advanced.  Mechanically, the Signature Series is more robust with a standard rating of 95mph.



SS-3-$1049-Bands 20-15-10 meters trapless tribander 7 elements.  18' boom, 5KW, 5.9 sqft, 40 lbs., 95mph, 50-ohm feed trough 1:1 balun



SS-3e-$1149-Bands 20-15-10 meters trapless tribander 8 elements.  18' boom, 5KW, 6.3 sqft, 43 lbs, 95mph, 50-ohm feed through 1:1 balun