Restricted Housing Antennas

Flower Power

The FP1, Flower Power" sun flower yard Sculpture is designed for restricted housing areas, balconies, decks and decoration.  the FP1 is a welded aluminum sculpture with a vertical radiator is just over 5' high.  The lower leaves are about 32" off the gound for a total height of ~ 7'6".  The leaves and flower provide capacitive loading and the FP1 self-resonates at the high end of 15 meters.  It is loaded to 17 and 20 meters using inductive loading.  

The Pink Flamingo

Similar to the FP1, Flower Power.  This antenna and the FP1 have been used on the air including Field Day.  They have been operated in a phased broadside array.


Price:  $229  This antenna is portable, can be utilized for emergencies is HOA friendly and low profile.  It covers 5 bands, 20-17-15-12-10 meters and utilizes a jumper band change.  It is less than 6' total height and is a compact package.  The longest section is only 24".  Internal balun, SO-239 connector.  Efficiency: from 98% on 10 to 65% on 20 meters.  Easy assembly, simple tuning ~5#, 200 w cw.