Ordering Your Antenna

Step 1-Space


Think about your space requirements.  Do you have antenna restrictions, live in an HOA, have a yard with a small footprint allocated for your antenna or many acres with space to grow an antenna farm?

Step 2-What bands do you work?


What is it about amateur radio that thrills you?  Do you chase DX and need  the ability to work international stations?  Are you involved in the contesting world?  Do you routinely run a linear amplifier?  Do you just want to rag chew and use a specific band all the time?

Step 3-Location


Think about where you are located and how your antenna should be pointed based on what bands you work and what your interests are.  Are there large mountains around you, is there a slope to install your antenna, are you living on the beach?  Remember take off angles are important in selecting your antenna based on what you want to work.

Step 4-Equipment


Are you planning a new installation or modification to an existing set up?  Is there a tower in place for your antenna or will it be a stand alone antenna installation?

Step 5-Installation & Maintenance


Are you physically capable or have help to install your antenna set up?  Do you require someone to install your antenna and/or tower for you?

How will your antenna system be  maintained?  Do you plan on doing this yourself?

Step 6-Budget


Do you have a planned budget for this project?

Ordering Process

Think about the 6 steps listed above and email Tom at tom@n6bt.com or give him a call at 805 610-6617 to discuss options and availability of antenna systems.

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Know your Manufacturer

Tom has been in business building antennas for 25 years.  He has a proven track record in the industry and consistently builds antennas that work!  In fact he has graciously fixed other manufacturer's antennas that have broken and were in need of repair when the manufacturer went out of business.  When selecting your manufacturer make sure they have a long history of being in the business.

Manufacturer Testing

Tom is the only manufacturer conducting independent testing on his own and other manufacturers antennas using high tech equipment and in consultation with antenna experts.  Tom uses his information to build new products which take years to develop, while others instead of testing on their own copy work of others.

Manufacturer Claims

Seek proof of manufacturers claims about their antenna gain and performance.  The models being used have been proven to be incorrect on some antennas, however manufacturers still point to these models as their performance measurement.  Make sure you read the fine print and their claims on performance.

Manufacturer Costs

Next Generation Antennas has consistently held prices down based on their ability to keep overhead costs low, yet insured the product materials were high quality.  Be sure when researching antennas that you look for materials and workmanship that will last for many years and not require replacement in the short term.  You might obtain a "bargain" on an antenna, however if it does not hold up the antenna was no bargain in the long run.  Tom has customers whose antennas have been up over 20 years.


N6BT continues to be your expert in consultation regarding your antenna needs.  A simple conversation with him can assist you in helping determine the best antenna application for your footprint.  He is available by email at tom@n6bt.com and subsequent conversations by telephone.