From the Founder of Force 12, Inc. (picture at left is N6BT with the original C3)

Many have been asking questions concerning my former company's antennas. First, my thanks to all of you who purchased the 24,000 antennas we shipped from the original Force 12, Inc. I trust they are still performing well. The following will answer some of the main questions:

My original Force 12, Inc. antennas are available.

In 2008, I sold the product line, but not the company. I have no non-competes and can build the entire product line, plus all of my new Next Generation Antennas products.


If you are having difficulty with an antenna, send us an e-mail. This includes post-2008 products. 

Linear Loading

If you would like to replace the linear loading, we have coil assemblies that are enclosed for protection against the weather. They also make tuning the elements much easier. We also have some replacement parts for the linear loading system, such as stand-offs.

Optimizing and Development

A common marketing line today is something like, "all the antennas are optimized using NEC-4..." Many things look great on a computer monitor, but the model does not mean it can be built, shipped all over the world and perform perfectly in every location. That requires a lot more effort from the manufacturer. Many of our original products spanned 2-3 years in the design, pre-production and testing phases prior to being released.

Our original Force 12, Inc. antennas were:

__ designed using NEC-2 and verified on NEC-4 using a consultant

___ optimized mechanically using Yagi-Stress, with the elements and booms observed at >90mph

____ built and tested, then "installation optimized" to perform as advertised where ever they were installed, because not all locations are the same

_____ built 6 of every production antenna and tested them before releasing the product. The exception to this process is the large 80/75 meter "Ultra" Yagis and the 160 meter rotatable dipoles and verticals, where we built 2 of each.

_______ from 1992-2008, all the production antennas had only 3 changes after release:

1) the C-31XR change from separate wires between the driver elements to jacketed wire (like on the C-19 and C-49);

2) tip adjustments on the XR-5 (computer crashed and lost the correct drawings); and,

3) larger boom on the C-49XR to the 5" center section, tapering to 4" and then 3".

Finally, thank you for your continued business

All the above to say - our products stand the test of time for reliability and performance.

     Good DX and 73,

         Tom N6BT