Bravo Comparison 3

Bravo-7K to large, "I" Style, single band 40. 

Putting the portable Bravo-7K up against an incredible, permanent mount "I" style vertical dipole should be interesting. This "I" style was developed by me for Team Vertical many years and were used to set several CQWW CW World Records. Lots of people using them singly and in arrays have worked tons of DX.  There are several major mechanical and visual differences. The Bravo-7K is about 7' shorter: about 18' tall from the tri-pod. The "I" style 40 is almost 25' above its mounting.  The Bravo-7K has a tapered vertical portion, whereas the "I" style has a large "T-bar" at the top, which requires the main vertical portion to be larger diameter and heavier to support it.  The Bravo-7K is designed as a portable antenna, being able to cover 40 up through 10 meters and almost any frequency in-between. The "I" style is a permanent installation, single band, dedicated to 40 meters. Comparisons are over the same, good, flat ground. Reasonable Q's were used for the dipole's coils, but no additional loss was included for the stainless steel tips on the dipole. 

The download below demonstrates the comparison.