Bravo Comparison 2

Comparison of the Bravo 5K to another popular portable dipole and also the same portable configured as a 40 meter vertical to the Bravo 7K on 40 meters.

Another comparison requested is  to the popular, portable dipole that is 16' long including its stainless steel whip tips and loading coils in each half. It sits at a height of 8' on its available mast. As one might expect, this is not very high for a horizontal dipole, but it is a workable height that one person can easily install. The tuning on this dipole is manual, with several variables. The following  comparisons are on 20 and 15 meters, with the dipole at its typical height of 8'. It is also compared at a height of 20', although this is not possible to achieve without additional hardware (another person), or possibly a terrain advantage for the dipole. Terrain can affect the results, of course, both in a positive manner (i.e. atop a hill), or negatively, (i.e. in a valley).  All comparisons are over the same, good, flat ground. Reasonable Q's were used for the dipole's coils, but no additional loss was included for the stainless steel tips on the dipole.  The first 4 downloads demonstrate  a short, loaded, dipole also produced as a vertical, about 9' tall. It is presented as operating on 40 and even 80 meters using lots of loading and also a single, full length radial wire. At first thought, one might think that a 9' tall vertical that is heavily loaded, but having a full length radial, would be a reasonable performer on 40 meters.  The last download document is a comparison plot and results are as follows and are what one should expect: