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Antenna Research and Development

Since the early 1980's N6BT has been researching antenna designs.  Beginning in 2015 he incorporated a highly sophisticated drone and spectrum analyzer into his testing of antenna patterns resulting in monumental findings to the amateur radio community.  This information is shared through his presentations at ham conventions and amateur radio club meetings.  Founder of Force 12 Inc. developer and former owner of  the Force 12 product line.  He sold the product line in 2008 and continues to develop, manufacture and sell his new line of antennas under the name Next Generation Antennas incorporating his latest research and patent pending technology.


In 2010 Tom Schiller, N6BT published the very popular book "Array of Light" based on straight talk about antennas and related subjects. The book is now in its Third Edition and has sold thousands of copies both in the United States and Internationally.  You may purchase this book utilizing Pay Pal by clicking on the Array of Light button on the home page.

Knowledge, Experience and Reliability

Knowledge comes from working with expert amateur radio operators, such as Team Vertical, and experimenting with many antenna designs on numerous DXpeditions. Credit goes to these pioneers who worked with N6BT continuing to pursue various antenna designs, taking into consideration locations and band conditions. 

Tom brings the experience and reliability of a manufacturer having shipped over 25,000 antennas world-wide with 145,000 elements in the field.

Now located in Kingman, AZ in a 3,000 sq foot "shop" on 7 acres of property and residing next to AZ state land gives Tom the opportunity to continue his state of the art antenna pattern testing and modeling in order to bring you the latest designs of his Next Generation Antennas. 

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Services include: Sales, Testing, Consultation and Presentations

Tom Schiller, N6BT founder and owner of Next Generation Antennas provides a variety of services to the Amateur Radio community including the measurement of take off angles of antennas utilizing high tech equipment and a drone.  He is available for antenna and installation consultation.  This includes questions regarding antennas designed or built by his former company Force 12, Inc.

N6BT is available to present antenna information to Amateur Radio Clubs and Conventions.  

Next Generation Antennas

Located in Kingman, AZ

email: tom@n6bt.com

Visitors to Kingman, AZ

Visitors to Kingman, AZ wishing to meet with Tom should email in advance to set up a time and location.  Tom is available for in person consultation upon your request.